Console Gaming News Issue 1

The is the first in a series of summary articles covering developments in the console gaming industry. I enjoy playing games. I grew up when the Commodore 64, Apple II and Atari 2600 where in their hayday. I’ve played numerous MMO games over the years. Recently I find I don’t have much time to play MMO games. I play console games now because I can play all day or for just an hour.

Electrify your gaming experience with the Mindwire V5. You patch your game controller in through this device and hook up some electrodes to your body. So now when you get blown away in Call of Duty 4 or Halo you get an electric shock to emphasize your failure! Hey maybe I could hook one of these up to my daughter’s Leapfog gaming system to make her learn faster!

It looks like Microsoft will be embracing Blu-ray in the near future according to an article over at Engadget. Here’s another relevant article on Engadget.

Here’s a heart warming story over at Engadget about a gamer that sent his highly personalized XBox in to Microsoft for repairs (RRoD?) and it came back as a plain ole clean XBox console. The people at Bungie signed up a Halo collector’s edition helmet and sent it to him along with lots of other nice stuff.

This British PS3 fan went and professed his undying love for the PS3 with a tattoo. Now that’s commitment!

Check out this Wii Crossbow controller! It even has a laser sight!

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2 Responses to “Console Gaming News Issue 1”

  1. Mobiletone says:

    thanks for mentioning me in the first issue.

    i’d just like to say, despite the 100′s of websites covering the story, i am not some kind of crazed drunken retard fanboy who just gets tattoos because i think it’s ‘cool’. what i was was a guy who had an idea while twiddling his thumbs on a slow day in the studio.

    the rest, as they say, is history.

    i am a total playstation fanboy though. PS 4 EVA LOLL!!1one!! ;)

  2. pete says:

    I think it’s awesome man. I have an XBox and I think if I got an xbox tattoo it’d be of the Red Ring of Death! ;)

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